Lotuscrafts Organic Cotton 8ft Yoga Strap – Natural


  • Unbleached, organic cotton
  • Deepen yoga postures
  • Metal D-Rings for secure, non-slip fastening
  • 8ft long (2.5m)
  • 3.8cm wide

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8ft yoga strap made from natural, unbleached, organic cotton.

Using a yoga strap helps Improve your form and allows you to deepen into postures, holding stretches for longer. The strap can be used for both hand to hand and foot to hand and are great for beginners and physical therapy patients focused on improving alignment and flexibility.

Props prove useful to both beginner and advanced yoga practitioners.  For the beginner, props function as aids for experiencing the asanas more easily than would otherwise be possible.  For experts, props allow challenging poses to be attempted more safely.  For all practitioners, they improve alignment and help protect against injury.


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