Myga Crystal Water Bottle – Clear Crystal


Elevate your hydration experience with this Myga Crystal Infusion Glass Water Bottle. Infused with the natural energy of Clear Quartz crystal, this bottle invites you to create your own crystal elixir for a revitalizing refreshment. With its neoprene protection sleeve, your crystal-infused water stays both protected and energized, ensuring prolonged enjoyment.

Clear Quartz, revered as a master healer, promotes emotional stability and balance. Immerse yourself in the harmonizing energy of Clear Quartz with every sip, and embark on a journey to rejuvenation and well-being.


• 304 Stainless Steel Cup and Base
• High Borosilicate Glass


Size: 6.5cm x 26cm
Capacity: 500ml

Care Instructions

Before you first use, take all the pieces apart and wash them well before you fill it with fresh water.
The glass body can be cleaned by hand under the tap. The stainless-steel parts can be easily screwed off and washed by hand as well. The Crystal itself can be easily washed by hand in fresh water or recharged in moon light. Do not put any parts in the dishwasher.

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